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  • Parents / guardians are expected to co-operate with school authorities by enforcing regularity and discipline, by seeing that their children / wards prepare their lessons and by enhancing an active interest in the activities of the school.
  • Parents must attend Parent - Teacher meeting and receive the reports after the two Terminal examinations in “Open Day”.
  • Besides the terminal report three mid-term reports of the students’ progress will be sent. Parents are requested to examine these report carefully and do cherish and empower the children in their weak subjects. The report book is to be kept in the custody of the school. The report should be signed in the Openday itself.
  • Parents and guardians are expected to sign messages, test papers or any similar document when so requested. Failure to do this may put their children to great inconvenience and render them liable to being sent home.
  • Parents and guardians should keep an eye on the “Non attendance and leave record" and extend the support in the decorum of the school.
  • The school will not take the responsibility of arranging special tuition for pupils outside school hours. Tuition should be discouraged.
  • Parents are requested not to enter the classrooms or speak to the teachers duing class hours : 8.30 a.m. to 3.20 p.m. If any query, parents may meet the concern teachers between 3.30pm to 4.15pm.
  • Parents who seek instructions or wish to get advice regarding their children's progress should consult the Principal / Vice principal and class teacher in the Office room and not in the class room, this should be done when the teacher is free.
  • Parents are requested to pay the school fee regularly. The previous receipt must be presented each time the fee are paid to avoid errors and waste of time.
  • School Term fees should be paid in time regularly by the 1st week of June, Oct and January. Any Irregularity/delay in payment of fees may result in pupils being denied of the examination hall tickets.
  • Parents are requested to bring the gate pass if they wish to visit the school during school hours.
  • Students are strictly prohibited to carry costly Electronic items; Cell phones etc. Inside the School Campus. If the School Management finds these things from the students the same will be seized and will not be returned to them without informing the students or parents.


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